intuitive support

What is intuition?

Intuition is a friendly way to describe the natural amplification of our senses to see, hear and feel. Intuition allows us to surpass “individual” boundaries and access information from different levels of consciousness, the environment, people and other beings. Some of us are innately, or through circumstance, more sensitive or perceptive than others, but a vast spectrum of information is always readily available. It might seem difficult to believe, but most of us accept that Oxygen and Hydrogen exist, even though we might not be able to discern discrete elements.

Often deemed psychic, enhanced capacities to see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience), and feel (clairsentience) are innate and can be cultivated.  It just takes a steady intention, a little support/guidance and practice. Whether we are aware of it or not, most of us are inspired and deeply informed by the less conscious aspects of our world. Whether we are aware of breathing or not, we are breathing. Whether we can see plants metabolizing CO2 into O2 +, they are. When we get in touch with the more subtle aspects of our experience, we access the always already available information consciously. The more we bring subtler cues to the fore, the more chance we have at transforming core issues and consciously creating the life we actually want to live.

What are some psychic abilities?

  • Psychic Hearing (Clairaudience)
  • Psychic Seeing (Clairvoyance)
  • Psychic Feeling/Sensing (Clairsentience)
  • Divine Receiving (Channeling/Messaging)
  • Remote Viewing
  • Astral Projection

How is intuition relevant to contemporary medicine?

As notions of medicine blend and shift, intuitive healers merge current scientific understanding with shamanic traditions to support people at the intersection of mind body and spirit.

From an energetic medicine perspective, the body is comprised of an intricate network of energetic (life force) pathways, layers (koshas) and centers (chakras) that can be influenced in ways to help bring the system(s) to balance. Our human networks align with larger networks or grids at all levels of atmosphere and experience. Multiple grids of information intersect, align and influence each other. Borrowing from theories of relativity and quantum theory, people are “nonlocal” beings with movable boundaries that extend beyond constructs of time and space.

We all measure the “physical” world through our everyday senses, in which time and space are properties. According to quantum theory, time and space only exist when they can be observed or measured.  The three dimensional world of forms are like the momentary, measurable waves in an infinite sea of formless life potential. Touch into the level of life-force energy and constructs of time and space dissolve, and instantaneously, we have access to way more information than we could possibly imagine.

What might this be like? On a two dimensional level, it might resemble tuning into every radio station all at once. Through intuitive exercises, we can learn to turn up the volume and dial into particular frequencies and thereby gather specific forms of information. This is how remote viewing and healing and other psychic phenomenon take place.

As is supported by quantum and many other theories, the entire seen and unseen world is a vast ocean of life force energy (Qi or Prana). What we perceive as separate parts is actually all part of a coherent, seamless whole: pulsing life force energy. This sea of energy is what makes for the fanciest of mathematical equations, and, what sages, yogis, shamans and folks from all backgrounds have known for ages.

This ocean of energy is organized by super-information fields that evolve energy into form – the relatively stable forms we perceive as matter that makes up the physical world. All matter is comprised of dense bundles of constantly moving (vibrating) energy that is intelligent – synchronous systems of organization within chaos, within organization, within chaos, and so on. Consider how each discreet cell grows and lives within the body: each seemingly separate entity with specific functions and relationships, together and in relationship to one another, the system self organizes to a larger plan. At the subatomic level, the life-force energy is the stuff of our origins – what we and everything in the cosmos are comprised of and transmute to form. A shift that occurs in one area affects every other area. Enliven or remove a cluster of cells in one area of the body and an entire chain of responses sets off.

That’s super heady, try again?

Consider the following terms and phrases. Perhaps allow them to resonate through the senses and saturate, softly into your center. Maybe flashes of understanding and meaning-making will light up. Gently, with a sense of spaciousness and ease, take a few deep breaths . . . Without explanation, allow any discoveries to absorb into your heart and whatever shifts shape the structures of understanding will naturally evolve.

If you’re feeling it, click the links and see where that takes you . . .

How is energetic medicine related to intuition and acupuncture?

At the subatomic level, the life-force energy is the stuff of our origins – what we and everything in the cosmos are comprised of and transmute to form. This life force energy is flowing through and around the body in loops and lines (meridians), spiraling in and out of the body through hundreds of energy vortices (acupuncture points or marmas) and chakras or energy centers along the central column of the body, that link up with larger energetic networks or grids. Please see Alex Grey’s Theologue image above.

The pulsation, frequency and vibration of the life force energy in the body is comprised of different forms of Qi (metabolic, emotional, cultural, etc.) and the functioning Qi of the different organs, viscera, our breath, etc. Simplified, acupuncture and hands-on healing helps restore balance of the different systems by releasing blockages of Qi in certain areas and tonifying areas that are deficient in others.

Our collective and individual experience is continually shifting, adjusting and evolving. Our individual health is determined by our perception, life stressors/supports, the functioning of our physical systems as well as our thoughts, emotions and the intention/state of our energetic and etheric bodies. The constantly vibrating interplay of life force vibration inside/outside the physical body comprises the energetic fields and affects the health and well-being of the body-mind-spirit. Every aspect affects the other.

How does intuitive healing work?

Who knows? Here’s a guess: people who are sensitive to the physical, emotional, mental and timeless experiences of others have access to information that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. With this information, intuitive people can assess imbalances from multiple perspectives.  Some intuitives explain imbalances in the context of cosmic grids, some rely on knowledge of energetic pathways, some see images like stills or films, some work with symbols, some hear information, some simply sense or “know.”

By locating imbalances of the body at energetic and informational levels, we can assess a person’s overall experience and better understand how imbalances at the physical, mental and spiritual levels play a role in health and dysfunction. We often find that emotional triggers are closely related to physical imbalances. Powerful emotions such as grief or shame, for example, can distort the free flow of our life force energy (Qi or Prana), causing patterns of disharmony and dis-ease. Please see acupuncture page for more information.

For lasting change to occur, issues need to be addressed at all levels, so that the beliefs and emotions that bind them evolve, release and integrate. Knowing where patterns become distorted affords us the courage to transform unresolved issues, reclaim our health, ground our highest purpose into the physical body and continue to evolve with wisdom and compassion.

Intuitive counseling merges techniques of intuitive knowing with therapeutic counseling so that together we can more deeply and accurately identify issues that are blocking the fulfillment of your highest potential. Intuitive counseling is offered within the context of gem + flower essence consultations and in conjunction with acupuncture/hands-on treatments.

What happens during an intuitive counseling session with you?

We will explore what’s presently happening in your life, any obstacles or areas of tension, specific needs or goals, and where you’d like to be*. We discuss past experiences and future aspirations that help guide the session. The intention of every exchange is to create a safe, caring and supportive space to help you gain insight and clarity around issues and core patterns, gently release denser energies and negative thought patterns and invigorate your sense of personal power. My intention is to help you align with your deepest truth and embody your highest purpose.

While listening closely to your words, I will also attenuate to your emotional and physical experience.  I often feel other people’s emotions and where they are located in the body.  Guided by what I’m seeing, sensing and hearing, we might practice grounding, breath and meditative practices together to gain deeper insight and clarity around an issue. I’ve found it especially helpful to focus into the bodymind for deeper wisdom and healing.

For an essence consult, I will blend a formula based on what we discover during our conversation. Before each acupuncture session we will spend some time talking about how you are doing and what you would like support with. While you spend more time relaxing on a table receiving bodywork, energywork and acupuncture, I often have enough information to create a formula to help you evolve to lighter levels of ease, well-being, and freedom. If you prefer support in both hands-on and tincture form, I’m happy to oblige.