Britta is a licensed acupuncturist, intuitive counselor and essence practitioner

To make an appointment, please call (917)519.2432 or email


is the insertion of ultra-thin, sterile needles to help restore physical, mental and spiritual balance. Chronic pain, acute injuries and wider range conditions, such as seasonal allergies, depression and reproductive health, can all be effectively treated with acupuncture. I integrate classical Chinese, Japanese and contemporary trigger-point methods. Sessions include a thorough intake, physical assessment, light Tuina (Chinese Medical massage), acupuncture, and time for integration. I often offer exercise, diet and lifestyle recommendations based on your presenting patterns, interests and needs. Initial treatments are approximately 2 hours, follow-ups 1-2 hours.


Intuitive Support merges techniques of intuitive healing and therapeutic counseling. As a born empath and intuitive, I listen closely to your words and wishes, while also attenuating to emotional and energetic patterns crystalized in the body. With a background in counseling psychology, I gently inquire about past experiences and future aspirations, and offer insights as they surface. We often explore what’s presently happening in your life, any obstacles or areas of tension, specific needs or goals, and where you’d like to Be. As stories unravel, dynamic levels of understanding and healing takes shape.  Sessions are 1 hour in-person, or via Skype or phone, and include dialoging, questions/answers, sharing of insights, and practical suggestions. Breath and meditative techniques are often taught in-session to gain insight and clarity around a particular issue – the continuation of which is encouraged!


Gem + Flower Essence Consultations take different shapes. A session may involve an in-depth conversation similar to an intuitive counseling session (please see above) or can be the result of an email query or specific request. A custom-blended formula is composed based on our conversation or exchange, which can be given in-person or mailed to your preferred address. If you email or call with a specific concern/wish in mind, I can tailor a blend based on the information provided. I’m also happy to prepare formulas for friends and family.


Combined Therapies may include an Intuitive Support session with an Essence Consult, Acupuncture with Intuitive Support, whatever your heart desires. Before each acupuncture session, for example, we spend time dialoging, which usually gives me enough information to compose an essence as well. If you’d like an essence to accompany an Intuitive session, please just let me know. The approaches often overlap, so if you are coming for an acupuncture appointment, I often share whatever ‘flashes’ or extrasensory information is being revealed. If an essence is calling, I’ll let you know & usually prepare one free of charge.


may we all evolve to lighter levels of ease, well-being, and freedom