After 3 years of excruciating and beguiling sciatic pain, I went to Britta at my desperate end.  She did a most thorough intake and was able to provide me with instant relief. After a few sessions, she has helped me to live entirely sciatic pain-free for the last year. - M.S. Artist & Web Designer & Music Producer

There are a lot of acupuncturists out there, but Britta is a rare and exceptional breed. The moment I walked into Britta’s space I felt the healing process begin. Britta is beyond professional and approachable, she is completely present for you. She is a great listener because she not only hears and understands your words, she listens to your entire body to know how she will work with you. She also uses all of her senses to gain information on how to help you. She “feels” you before she lays a hand on you. She is generous, gentle, empathetic, patient, and compassionate. Honestly, her touch is enough to heal you, but she is also endlessly knowledgeable and a true expert in her field. Her work is transformative. Britta is a true healer and a treasure! – G.B. Yoga Teacher & Artist

I truly believe Britta is saving my life – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Her healing involves a love that this world is sorely lacking.  She listens to your needs and incorporates them into your sessions.  I hold Britta in the highest regard and will see her throughout my life to maintain my health . . . Better still, my back doesn’t hurt for the first time in 17 years! Joy! Much better than drugs! - J.S., Executive Consultant & Activist

I came to see Britta after one of the hardest periods of my life thus far. I just came out of a divorce, another failed relationship, getting fired from my job and my sister having a nervous breakdown. Having gone through other forms of energy healing and talk therapy before, I was open to meeting with her and experiencing her process.  My one session with Britta was one of the most intense and effective forms of healing I have ever experienced. She made me feel very comfortable immediately. Her guidance and healing helped me immensely. The intensity of her treatment and Healing paired with her kind heart and manner was unmatchable. The only downfall of the experience was that she moved out of New York right after our session and I was unable to meet with her in person again. - A.R. Fashion Designer, Artist

Working with Britta was transformative and immensely healing. I initially came for my low immune system and sluggish energy levels. I appreciated right away how present she was during the consultation, giving me space and time to express my needs, and intuitively guiding the conversation as needed. Once in the session, i was guided into deep relaxation while she skillfully worked her magic. Over a few months working together, stagnant emotional baggage rose to the surface and was released– maybe the last thing I would have attributed to my sluggish energy levels. I feel so lucky to have found such a gifted and creative healer. – B.P. Esthetician, Integrative Nutritional Therapist

Britta has very gently, very compassionately opened my eyes to the true nature of healing.  My physical pain was a symptom and it was her impeccable intuition that allowed me to truly see the source.  I have been guided by her wisdom and also empowered by it in that she has shown me all the ways I can be a healer to myself.  The essences are an essential part of this process.  They are like a little hug, a little pat on the back, a little whisper that all is right where it should be.  She has opened my heart and my mind and continues to do so. – K.T., Actor, Teacher

Britta is as amazingly intelligent as she is intuitive.  With only a little bit of information, she was able to accurately diagnose and treat me with acupuncture. The essences are really working and supporting me to the next level. It’s like a miracle . . . I feel very grateful for her doctor-ship and highly recommend a trip to see her! – B.L., Healer & Energy Specialist

I tried all types of alternative healing therapies that have done wonders, but having a broken heart was the hardest to heal. Britta suggested essences. I was skeptical at first. But, within a matter of a few days, I noticed an immediate improvement! Britta hand selects the exact essence to help you heal. Her patience, empathy and caring is put into each individualized formula. Since my first experience, Britta has made several more formulas for me. I have and will continue to recommend her to family, friends and my patients. Britta is an amazing healer. – W.S., Licensed Acupuncturist and Martial Arts Teacher

Britta’s depth of study, and application of her knowledge is so apparent from the moment you meet her. She has an insatiable taste and enthusiasm for healing that allows her to forge to new levels . . . This coupled with her spirit and charm allows for deep transformational work. Her impeccability to listen to your experience allows one to feel as though this work has been with her for many lifetimes. – H.S., Intuitive Healer

After endless wrist pain caused by typing and guitar, my acupuncture experience with Britta was the first relief to the pain since it began 5 years ago. She genuinely wanted to help me heal and opened the door to the world of natural wellbeing that I am thankful for everyday. Though I live New York and she in Arizona, she has been very generous in extending intuitive care and suggestions to my loved ones and me. When she departed NYC, she also recommended local practitioners to help with my specific health issues. - H.O. Musician, Artist

I have tried a myriad of holistic therapies to help with chronic shoulder & arm pain. Despite the fact that I have tried numerous acupuncturists I reached out to Britta because I was curious about essences . . . After only a handful of visits to Britta my pain was reduced by 75%. Remarkably, the essences seem to work – especially the Siddatech formula she gave me for Insomnia. Britta does much more than acupuncture, she uses massage, needling (trigger point therapy with needles), cranial sacral, reiki, in tandem with other methods that I am unaware of. Best of all Britta is never in a rush and is very passionate about her work affording her to connect with her patient and sharing compassion in their plight. – J.S., Restaurant Owner

Un año atras algo tan simple no lo podia recordar, todo el día me dolía la cabeza, y en las noches no podia dormir, a causa de esto mi vida se estaba deteriorando tanto que ya no podia ni caminar por los atroces dolores de cuello, espalda y cintura. Ah! Por si esto fuera poco tenía muchos problemas digestivos . Si!  Dije tenía porque gracias a el tratamiento de Acupuntura, Masages, y Esencias Florales que me da Britta, cambiaron muchas cosas en mí vida cosas que no se pueden publicar, yo se que Britta entiende que es lo que digo. English Translation:  A year ago, I wasn’t able to recall things as simple as my own name.  I suffered from severe headaches, I wasn’t able to sleep at night and it seemed that much of my life was deteriorating to the point that I had difficulty walking because of the atrocious pains in my neck, back and waist.  Oh!  If that wasn’t enough, I also had many digestive problems. Thanks to Britta’s support through Acupuncture, Body work, and Essences, I’ve been relieved of many of these ailments and my life is much improved. Britta has also helped me in ways that cannot be described – I trust that speaks for itself. – L.G., Laundry Owner, Mother, Activist

Britta is one dope chica, you just need to go talk to her to understand what she does! – J.P., Salon Owner + Stylist

Feeling intuitively blocked, I felt outdated and mainstreamed with a lack of creative insight. I wanted more than a semi-charmed life. That is when met with Britta. Her acupuncture immediately realigned my energetic sensibilities, encouraged psychedelic visions, and alleviated digestive issues. What I’ve totally fallen for though is her formulated essences. Her intuition and analytic process is incredibly accurate in constructing an emotional companion in tincture form.  Britta has a generosity and clarity beaming like glitter from her very being. And, as the path of healthy sustainability is infinite, she is my favorite restorative resource. – A.V.H., Artist, Film Maker + Tarot Magician

I came to Britta with a chronically aching and painful hand. It was getting to the point that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to play music anymore. We started weekly acupuncture appointments and within a very short time the pain began to disappear and my hand to heal. I continue to use what I learned from the treatments to keep it that way. – M.B., Musician + Artist

 I saw Britta regularly for about three months and looked forward to my appointments as much as I might look forward to getting a massage or spa treatment — her sessions are literally that relaxing, and the effects last even longer.  I started treatment because of a tailbone injury, and have continued because she is the first medical professional I have seen in a long time who offered concrete suggestions for what to do in the long-term.  Britta’s approach isn’t just about treating the symptoms. Although the relief her acupuncture provides in the immediate is always helpful, she takes time to get to know you and make connections that most western doctors would never take the time to make.  I’m so glad to have finally found someone who takes the whole person into account before prescribing treatment, and I look forward to continuing my work with her. It was an opportunity and experience that I won’t soon forget. - K.G. graduate educator, teacher, knitter extraordinaire

I feel a million times better! - M.F.P bodyworker, yoga instructor