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Acupuncture Appointments

Initial sessions are generally 2 hours in length. Subsequent sessions are 1 – 1.5 hrs. On the day of, please wear loose fitting clothing or bring an extra tee-shirt and shorts to change into. Be sure to eat a nourishing meal or snack before each session.

For our first visit, please download a Health History and bring the completed form with you.

Acupuncture can have the effect of a deep-tissue massage. Please drink plenty of water and take rest after treatments. Its best to schedule an appointment when you will have free time afterwards to integrate and relax from the session. Please check this site’s Acupuncture FAQs for more information about what to expect on your first appointment.


Gem + flower essence consultations

Consultations are generally 1 hour and are in person or by phone.

With a background in counseling psychology, meditation, yoga, nutritional therapy and intuitive medicinal practices, we might focus into the bodymind for deeper wisdom and healing, discuss dietary options, practice breath and grounding techniques, and co-create a custom blended essence formula that will help you evolve to lighter levels of ease, well-being, and freedom.

Essences can be picked up or mailed to your home or work address. Formulas are custom blended based on your needs and wishes. A 10 ml bottle of a formula usually lasts 3-4 weeks. Blends come with a description of each of the essences infused and dosage instructions.