intuitive support

Intuitive counseling merges techniques of intuitive healing and therapeutic counseling. Drawing from higher realms of consciousness and guidance, we more easily identify blockages that hinder our experiences of health, joy, love and peace. For fluid, lasting transformation to occur, issues are best addressed at all levels, so that any energetic and physical imbalances evolve, release and/or integrate. Knowing where energies (emotional, thought and etheric patterns) become distorted affords us the courage to attend to unresolved issues, reclaim our health, ground our highest purpose into the physical body and grow with wisdom and compassion.

Accessing extrasensory information isn’t an esoteric practice but an organic interplay that enhances our sense of being and fulfillment in practical ways. Awakening and cultivating our intuitive abilities is a natural and beautiful opportunity.
My intention in every exchange is to create a safe, caring and supportive space to help clients gain insight and clarity around issues and core patterns, gently release denser energies and negative thoughts and invigorate a sense of personal power. I hope to help people align with their truth and embody their highest purpose. Intuitive counseling is offered within the context of gem + flower essence consultations and in conjunction with acupuncture/hands-on treatments.

During an intuitive session, we explore what’s presently happening in your life, any obstacles or areas of tension, specific needs or goals, and how you’d like to Be*. We discuss past experiences and future aspirations that help guide the session.
While listening closely to your words and wishes, I also attenuate to emotional and physical patterns that may be emerging. I often feel other people’s emotions and where they are located in the body. Guided by what I’m seeing, sensing and hearing, we might practice breath and meditative techniques to gain insight and clarity around a particular emotion, issue or concern.

For an essence consult, I blend a formula based on what we discover during our conversation. Before each acupuncture session we will spend some time talking and I usually have enough to go on to custom blend an essence as well. The intention is to help each person evolve to lighter levels of ease, well-being, and freedom.