hands-on healing


star wheel orangeTrained hands, alive with Qi and sensitive to physical topography and temperature, serve as powerful diagnostic tools that help practitioners map and treat underlying musculoskeletal conditions such as TMJ, neck and back pain, sprains, strains, and internal imbalances such as asthma and PMS symptoms.

Energy work Most traditions and cultures acknowledge subtle anatomy – the intersection of the physical body and spirit through a series of ‘subtle bodies.’ Energy work accesses the subtle bodies to restore structural balance and increases our experience of holistic well-being. Energy work can purify and help release past traumas and stories that have crystallized as physical patterns in the body. By releasing tensions and amplifying our body’s intuitive healing response, we heighten mental clarity, consciousness, and release discomfort and pain.

Cranial sacral therapy At the deepest levels, our cells are alive and breathing. The rhythmic pulses of the body’s breath can be felt along the cranial, skeletal, and sacral structures of the body. The motion or “breath of life” of cranial bones are closely connected to subtle movements that involve a network of interrelated tissues and fluids at the core of the body. This includes cerebrospinal fluid (‘sap in the tree’), the central nervous system, the membranes that surround the central nervous system and the sacrum. Gently maneuvering the motion of these rhythms can restore all systems to balance.

Movement therapy Many medical traditions recommend people train the body in healthy patterns of breathing and dynamic movement. Exercises, primarily Qi Gong or Yoga offer ways to optimize movement, strengthen areas that are weak and activate/accelerate the healing of injuries. Based on your health concern, qi gong and/or yoga exercises may be suggested to further support your health and healing. Usually these movements are designed to generate integration of the whole body and to support everyday activity.