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Offering unconditional acceptance to every aspect of our humanity (every emotion, thought, attachment and avoidance pattern, etc.) catalyzes awakening by freeing prana/qi from the places in the body-mind where it assumed space.
Shining the light of awareness is not about intentionally fixing or releasing or transforming. It’s about sensitively and compassionately listening to ourselves from a space of present awareness that intuitively, effortlessly registers, holds, and cares about whatever arises in the material world. Conscious self-acceptance – as a meditation and/or ongoing practice, offers us a continuously accessible opportunity to care-give the aspects of self that did not receive enough unconditional acceptance at whatever stage in our life development.
In the glow of our own conscious allowance, lodged emotions and beliefs surface – not as facts, but as markers of an earlier experience. Allowing the layered emotions/thoughts/stories the space and attention they need to evolve, they are often freed or integrated. The literal space created, invites our most tender selves – that have been suppressed or hidden – to feel safe enough to emerge and engage again with other aspects of self (and others), inviting a more deeply felt experience of wholeness and union (within the world) – Paraphrased from Waking Down in Mutuality

For a pretty interesting take on the awakening process, please check Map of Embodied Awakening

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